Kenya’s City of Nairobi is home to the Nairobi National Park, a cultural heritage site known for its annual Wildebeest Migration and its rich wildlife, including the world-renowned Humpback whales and Wildebeests.

Must see attractions in Kenya

The Aberdares: The Ark, nestled in the dense forest of the Aberdares National Park, offers a unique experience with its enchanting misty moorlands and abundant wildlife, including the elusive Sykes monkeys.

Amboseli National Park: Situated below Mount Kilimanjaro, boasts a diverse wildlife population including the alluvial Lake Amboseli and the Maasai giraffe, attracting visitors from across Africa.

Masai Mara National Reserve: Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, surrounded by the Mara River, is a 1,812 km² sanctuary renowned for its diverse wildlife, including the largest lion population in Kenya, and abundant birdlife.

Wildebeest Migration: The wildebeest migration, a significant wildlife show in Kenya and Tanzania, occurs between the Serengeti and Masai Mara. The migration, which begins in January and mid-March, reaches the Western Serengeti in June. The best time to witness the migration is between June and August, with arrivals in the Masai Mara as early as July.

Lake Nakuru National Park: Lake Nakuru in Kenya, situated between Lakes Naivasha and Baringo, is renowned for its flamingoe flocks, despite their decline due to Rift Valley migration.

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